How to register Dns on Iptv smarters

 The DNS server is the software that translates a dns name, which is an address provided by a domain name into an IP address (the numerical representation of the same). As soon as the system identifies a name, it sends the corresponding query to the name provider. The server will then return an IP address or host name in the form of a response to the client. it works with clients to allow them to establish a connection between the two sides, which is what allows them to transmit the requested data to the user’s app.

In this article we are going to learn how to register and refresh dns on iptv smarters app. this is very easy to do, this is for iptv smarter, it can work with dream streams and many other devices. so first we need to start from the app’s home screen. which shows live tv movies and series.

We’re going to come up to this top right corner where there’s two little icons of two faces switching and we just want to switch user

Dream Stream
Dream Stream Home

next we’re going to come up to the top right corner and we’re going to click add user.

List users Dream Stream
Smarters app user

then we should have this refresh dns here on your login screen if you don’t have it that means your app doesn’t have this ability this steps doesn’t apply to you.

add user Dream Stream
Smarters app login

If you do have the refresh it, just go ahead and click that. it’s going to refresh successfully after that what we can do is come down underneath this add users there’s a little list option, right there we can click that or you can also press the back button on our remote two times and it should take us right back to list user.

login Dream Stream
Add user to smarters iptv app

After that, just go ahead and click on your account and we’ll be good to go, you can go ahead and click live tv come up to the top three corners and refresh it, click the three dots.

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