How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

First you need to know model of your TV. You can find it on back of your TV:


Or you can find it in settings of your TV, section Support → Contact Samsung:


It’s two ways to install SS IPTV in dependence of your model. If you have D, E, F, H-series or J-series, the procedure is as follows:


1. Download this file – click here
2. Extract the zip file. You can use WinRAR or 7zip.
3. Rename extracted folder to “ssiptv”.
4. Copy this folder to USB.
5. Insert USB to TV.
6. Enjoy the SS IPTV.

FAQ for D, E, F, H-series and J-series:

Can I remove USB if SS IPTV is installed?

Do not do it. SSIP TV disappears when removing the USB stick. Of course, if you put it back in, it reappears. However, it can be used as a place to store photos, videos, etc.

There are more questions that are not in the FAQ.

Write below in this thread and I’ll get back to you.

With J or K, the process is very complicated.

  1. Download Tizen Studio and upload the tizen.wgt
  2. file. Install Tizen Studio.
  3. After installation, open the package manager and do not restart it.
  4. Install “Basic SDK” from “Tizen SDK Tools” in Package Manager.
  5. Then restart your computer.
  6. Open Tizen Studio.
  7. Connect your TV.

a) Open the Remote Device Manager.

B) Turn on your TV and open My Apps. (From smart hub)

C) When using my application, use pss 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

d) Enable developer mode and enter the local IP address of the computer where Tizen Studio is installed. … )

e) Turn off the TV, then turn it on again.

f) Click “Scan” in the Remote Device Manager.

8. Open “Create Certificate”.

A) Open “Certificate Manager” with Alt + Shift + Cb. Click “+”.

C) Select Samsung, TV, create a new certificate profile (any name), create a new author certificate and enter the author name and password (if required).

d) Next, you will need to log into your Samsung account. Register or login

e) Select a backup path (if necessary).

f) Select Create New Dealer Certificate.

G) Check if TV (DUID) is added. Enter


A) Select File → Import → Tizen Project and activate “File Archive”.

B) Enter the location where the tizen.wgt file is saved.

c) Change the project version to tv and 3.0 and show the project.

Right-click the inserted project and select Create Signed Package. Then right-click again and choose Run> 1 Tizen 12 Web Application. The application starts up. J and K series FAQs: My TV is not showing up in Remote Device Manager. This is because the Instant On function is activated on the TV. Turn it off by selecting [Settings] → [System] → [General] → [Immediate Switching].

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